September 17, 2018

After a great, summery weekend, we are back at it.  We are glad to keep you company at work.  Here’s some of the interesting stuff we covered on the show, today.

  • How much is too much as an all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant?  An Ironman triathlete was banned from one in Germany last week after he ate approximately 200 pieces of sushi for $18.  The owner said he, quote, “Eats for five people.  That is not normal.”  Here’s the whole story.
  • The Predator won at the box office this weekend taking in $24 million and finishing in first place.  The Nun took 2nd in its second week out while A Simple Favor opened in third.  Here’s the final list.
  • Do you suffer from polychromatic anguish syndrome?  That is a condition where you don’t know what clothing colors go together.  How about repetitious wardrobe syndrome?  They are real and there are other wardrobe-related conditions.  Check this out.  And check out the Seinfeld clip below that brings one of these conditions to the forefront.
  • Don’t miss a day of Sarah’s Wiki-Corner!  Here’s the link to the Wiki-Corner blog.