September 20, 2018

Ready for 1969?  It’s Throwback Thursday so we have hit songs from that year plus a fresh Wiki-Corner with Sarah Boom-Boom.  Here’s the rest of what we talked about.

  • Times change, and so do what parents allow.  When you were 10 years old, did your parents let you stay home alone?  53% said their parents let them do that but only 36% said that it’s okay for kids today.  Here are the details.
  • Want a longer, happier life?  We have the answers.  5 tips including not drinking or smoking and maintaining good friendships.  Check out all of the suggestions, here.
  • How much do you tip at restaurants?  The new national average is 17% with Maine having the biggest tippers at 19.36% and Montana the most frugal at 15.53%.  Here’s the breakdown by state with a magical, interactive map.
  • If someone in your life is a sloppy drunk and you want them to cut back, a new study found the best thing to do is to tell them they are embarrassing themselves.  Check it out.
  • Here’s some YouTube nonsense…a happy song about Mount St. Helens and it’s pending eruption.  It’s kind of funny.