February 1, 2019 – Puppy Bowl

This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday – but if you’re not interested in watching the Big Game, you can always watch the Puppy Bowl instead! Animal Planet has aired the Puppy Bowl every Super Bowl Sunday since 2005. All the puppies in the game are from shelters, and filming takes place over 2 days in October. The game is complete with a Kitty Half Time Show and “cheerleaders” on the sidelines – including bunnies, chickens, pigs, miniature goats and this year, baby kangaroos! A human referee watches over the action. When a puppy drags one the football shaped toys into the end zone, a “puppy touch down” is declared. Puppies are given a break from the lights, cameras and action every 30 minutes. For this year’s game, 93 puppies from 51 rescue groups will be represented.

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