A Recipe for Death Murder Mystery




Join LEGENDS Friday March 29 at the Stutson House in Charlotte for a thrilling murder mystery! It’ll be a night of intrigue as the Mystery Company presents “A Recipe for Murder”, a hilarious film noir spoof, that requires your help to solve the crime! Doors open at 6, with appetizers and a cash bar. We’ll also have a delicious dinner buffet and amazing dessert from Philips European!

A Recipe for Murder 

The year is 1946. Mr. Wolf, the brilliant detective, never leaves his home on business. But on this rare occasion, he and his assistant Archie are attending an epicurean feast, where Mr. Wolf will give a presentation of American Cuisine. World famous chefs will compete to see who is best. But is there trouble bubbling below the surface? Could someone be cooking up jealousy, treachery and possibly even…murder? You know they are! Is it the saucy sauce chef Suzanne? Or the siren Monique, who wants everyone’s husband but her own? Perhaps it’s vile Louie, who ends other chefs careers, or the scary and passionate chef Mamselle Voldan. This recipe calls for zany characters and generous amounts of surprising plot twists!

On the Menu

Appetizers: cheese and cracker platter, fresh veggie tray

Dinner buffet: Garlic bread, Caesar salad, pasta primavera, chicken parmesan, Italian sausage with peppers and onions

Dessert: cake from Phillips European

Parking directions: Park at the Main Terminal Lot at the Port of Rochester, entering from Lake Ave. and Corrigan Street. Look for the Hose 22 tent, and they will shuttle you to the party. Click here for directions.

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