March 15, 2019 – Guinness

According to WalletHub, 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed worldwide on Saint Patrick’s Day this weekend! Arthur Guinness began brewing his ales in 1759 at the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin. He first exported his ale 10 years later, shipping 6 1/2 barrels to Great Britain. In 1959, Guinness began using nitrogen in their beer, giving it a creamier and smoother consistency. The perfect pint of Guinness requires a double pour, which the company says should take exactly 119.53 seconds. Guinness is brewed in almost 50 countries and available in over 120. Great Britain is the only country to consume more Guinness than Ireland, with Nigeria coming in 3rd and the US in 4th. Every day, 10 million glasses of Guinness are consumed around the world.

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