Dave Beck

“My life has been one long obstacle course with me as the biggest obstacle.”

Dave knew he wanted to be in radio as early as 8th grade. College never became a reality for Dave because “right out of high school radio stations were offering me jobs, so I decided to take one and see what would happen. In those days you could work in this business without a degree.” His “radio voice” helped keep Dave employed at various Rochester stations for 40 years, all the while logging time with WVOR and WBEE, among others. It was during his 24 years at WBEE that Dave would acquire the nickname “Big Daddy.”

After a six-year break from radio, Dave (recently having retired from Rochester Regional Health) decided that the time was right to jump back into the business he’s loved for so long. “I am so honored to be a part of the Legends air staff and to work with many of the announcers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing throughout my career including Marti Casper and Chuck McCoy. It’ll be fun!” Among those who Dave considers radio influences are Tom George “from his 95BBF days” along with Scott Carpenter and Tom Rivers from 1050 CHUM in Toronto, “a station whose signal used to skip over Lake Ontario right into my transistor radio when I was a kid living in the Sea Breeze area.”

Dave met his wife Connie at church in 1980 and they were married a year later. They live in Greece.

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