RoCovery Fitness 8-11-19

RoCovery Fitness Co-founder Yana Kaspher sits down with Marti Casper to talk about the recovery process for alcoholics and drug addicts. Yana is a recovering alcoholic/addict and turned to exercise as part of her recovery program. She and a friend co-founded RoCovery 5 years ago as a place for others who suffer addiction to go to get healthy and stay on the right track. It started with a few outdoor hikes then 3 years ago a woman who lost her son to drugs, provided a building on Dewey Avenue as a place to set up a gym/fitness facility. It’s free to go workout for everyone. They offer not only free membership to the gym but also several outdoor events, including an annual trek to the Adirondacks at a nominal fee for room/boarding while there. Their annual 5K has a new location starting this year. It’ll be held at Mendon Ponds Park/Stewart Lodge on Sunday September 15th. Register at