Guiding Eyes For The Blind 8-25-19

Guiding Eyes For The Blind Puppy Raisers Karie Livingston, Chris Coyne and Guiding Eyes client Terry McCann, join Marti Casper to talk about the need for puppy raisers in our area and the important role the dogs AND raisers play in improving the quality of life for the visually impaired. It costs $50,000 to raise and then train the dogs at their facility in downstate New York. The program is free for clients, such as Terry who says he is enjoying life more than ever now, thanks to his dog, Mac. There are only 7 puppy trainers here in the Rochester area, although GEB is nationwide. The puppy is with the raiser for 14 to 18 months, then taken to the GEB headquarters downstate for training. There are meeting sessions and a program for raisers to follow. For more information contact Karie at or go to