Camp Good Days 1-12-20

Marti Casper speaks with Camp Good Days And Special Times Special Events & Fundraising Director and Cycle For Hope Founder Andy Nye about this years CFH event. It’s on Saturday February 1st, the day before the Superbowl. In 1979 Elizabeth “Teddi” Mervis was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor at the age of nine. Her father, Gary Mervis founded Camp Good Days and Special Times to provide Teddi and other children with cancer the opportunity to come together in a residential camping experience to be with the only ones who could truly understand what they were going through – other children with cancer. Andy knew a relation of Gary, and over 10 years ago started Cycle For Hope indoor cycling event with money going directly to Camp Good Days. 8 local fitness gyms are hosting. It’s open to all levels, and costs $25 per hour. Participants can cycle 1 or all 6 hours. For more information on CGD & CFH go to