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Chuck’s Radio Comedy Bits:

Sham of Iranistan tells Chuck about his new tourism idea


News You Can’t Use: Biff Rochester’s new tell all book about his famous ancestor


Joey calls Chuck a dirty mutt(?)


Legends creepy neighbor tells Chuck about his cobweb farm


Chuckslist: The all-new Bob Marley Chia Pet


The founder of dating service EHominy Dot Com reveals he’s lonely himself.


Al the Building Maintenance Guy wants to “beat the heat”


Chuck’s Funny Phone Calls:

Longtime frequent caller “Bobcat Billy”

Halloween 2018:

The Gargoyle:  written & produced by Chuck McCoy.  Starring Andrea Almansberger, Ed Smith, Sarah Fannis, Mark Shuttleworth, Marti Casper & Chloe Meyers.


The Mysterious Traveler:  Written, produced & narrated by Chuck McCoy


The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe:  Produced & Narrated by Chuck McCoy

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