October 2, 2018

It’s Tuesday…and here we are again.  If you missed today’s show, here are my notes.

  • You’re a criminal, let’s face it.  Have you jaywalked?  90% of us say we have.  How about rolled through a stop sign?  Check out all of the crimes and how many of your friends and family members have complete disregard for law and order.
  • It turns out your dog gets depressed when he sees you using your phone, according to a new study.  Your dog knows that, when you’re holding your phone, you’re ignoring him and it can make him more anxious and eventually add up to depression.  Here’s the whole story!
  • Netflix is trying to become more interactive with a “choose your own adventure” element to an episode of Black Mirror.  It will be an episode from the 5th season which hits Netflix in December.  Here’s the story.
  • Belize, the country, has just announced they’re hosting the world’s biggest game of hide-and-seek.  You can apply to play by emailing the Belize Tourism Board, here .  The winners will fly there to play in November.  Four people will hide around Belize and one person will be the ‘seeker’ who will have one week to find them using clues.  Here’s the story.
  • The Mighty Ducks, staring Emilio Estevez, was released 26 years ago.  Check out the trailer, below.