October 5, 2018

It’s a Friyay!  Let’s get down to it.  Here’s what we talked about on today’s show.

  • It turns out that sleeping on it really does help you make better decisions.  There’s a new study out of England that says when people took 90 minute naps it actually helped their brains get organized and clearer…that helps you make smarter choices.  Here’s the whole story!
  • A new study found that being hugged really does make us feel better, especially if you’re having a bad day.  Wrap your arms around this.
  • American Airlines has been getting rid of an inch of legroom on their planes so they can squeeze in more seats.  The CEO even had the guts to say it’s “much more comfortable…it feels like a much better product.”  Take a look.
  • At the theater this weekend, the new national releases are A Star is Born or Venom.
  • A postal worker in New Jersey quit his job mid-shift, mid-route.  He dumped a bunch of mail by the side of the road and took off!  Nice work.