October 8, 2018

We are glad to have you listening to LEGENDS 102.7.  If you missed today’s show, here’s what we talked about.

  • A new survey shows that our biggest daily stressers include traffic, slow internet, and your computer freezing.  Check out the whole list here and see if you agree.
  • If you’re reading this at work, no need to say anything out loud, it could be awkward…but, do you have to cover for a coworker when they take time off?  A new survey reveals that when they do, 53% of people say it makes their day more stressful.  37% say they have grown to resent a coworker because of it.  Here are all the findings.
  • Venom won at the box office this weekend!  The film took in $80 million.  Lady Gaga’s film, A Star is Born, came in second with $41.3 million.  Check out all the numbers, here.