January 24, 2019

Someone on Reddit recently posed the question, “What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?” The thread quickly went viral as people began sharing their heartwarming stories. Here are 10 that prove the world isn’t such a bad place after all (check out the full list at the link):
  1. “I was at a bar with my then-girlfriend and seated next to us was an older gentleman who was alone. He tapped my girlfriend on the shoulder and said, ‘I like the way you two talk to each other. I spent a fortune on these tickets for my wife. Unfortunately, she can’t go anymore, and I don’t want to go without her. So I’d like you two to have them. The only catch is that the concert starts in twenty minutes.’ He didn’t elaborate, nor would he accept payment. He asked only that we enjoy ourselves, and keep being good to each other… And that’s how I got front row seats to see Prince in concert.”
  2. “My son was two or three and we went to the mall. There was a model train set in a case that you could put a dollar in and watch them go around. I was pretty broke and never had cash on me, but he was content just looking at the display. A group of loud teens went past us. One of them came back, put a dollar in the machine and said, ‘I always liked watching trains, too!’ Then hurried off back to his friends. My son lit up. I never would have expected that action from a stranger, let alone a teen with his friends in a mall.”
  3. “I was feeling really down because of school (and just life in general). I stopped at a convenience store on the way home to pick up a bit of chocolate to make myself feel better. The guy at the register must have noticed how miserable I looked because he gave me the chocolate bar for free. It was a really simple act of kindness, but it almost made me tear up and instantly improved a s**tty day.”
  4. “One year, my birthday really sucked. I decided to go buy myself a cake at the grocery store to cheer myself up. When the guy at the counter asked who it was for (so he could put a name on it), I said it was for me. He was incredulous at the idea that I had to buy my own birthday cake. I just kind of shrugged. He said I could pay for my cake when I came back to pick it up. When I came back, a different person was at the register and she said my cake had already been paid for. It was also decorated more than I requested. I have not seen that guy working there since, so in my head I’ve called him ‘The Cake Fairy.'”
  5. “I got on a train alone late at night. There were only two other people: One young man and a much older, grumpy-looking man. After the second stop, the young man became aggressive toward me after I rejected him. The old man helped to get him away from me and off of the train. After I’d thanked him and he calmed me down (I was very upset), he sat down in the row behind me and just looked out of the window. When I got off at the end, he did too. He waited on the same platform as me a little further down, so I assumed he was waiting for the same connection. He wasn’t. The train came and I got on. I saw him wave to me and walk to the stairs to get back to the platforms going the other way. That man had missed his stop and waited on the wrong platform, all while saying nothing, just to make sure I was okay.”