Conquering Bulimia


Helping You Conquer Bulimia On Your Own Terms​

Conquering Bulimia is a one of its kind online course that will help you break free from the vicious cycle of bulimia. The course was put together by Certified Eating Disorder Coaches, Sarah Lee and Merrit Elizabeth. They know exactly what you’re going through – they’ve both recovered from bulimia and they are passionate about helping as many people as possible by breaking down the barriers to treatment. They’ve put together a 10 week series of more than 70 short videos, featuring expert interviews, personal stories, and proven strategies that will teach you how to change your behaviors for good. 

Conquering Bulimia is completely private, self-paced, and easy to fit into your busy life. Once you purchase the course, you’ll have lifetime access, so you can go at your own speed. Sarah and Merrit vulnerably share parts of their stories to inspire, guide, and empower you with knowledge you may have never heard before. They’ll offer you tools that can really work – all at a mere fraction of the cost of weekly, one-on-one coaching. 

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Click the link below for a free video where Sarah and Merrit share their top 3 ways to stop the binge-purge cycle: 

What People are Saying about Conquering Bulimia:

"Hi Sarah!! Absolutely loving the course! Can’t say it has been easy for me but in a good way… I did not think anything could help me and I just figured I was too old, had this eating disorder too long etc. and there was just no lights on at the end of my tunnel. But now! Wow🤯 the course is shining a light and I’m so grateful for it and you both. Thank you for this opportunity and for the both of you and your knowledge and the way you present recovery from Bulimia! So much gratitude! 🙏❤️"
- E.T.

Listen to Sarah Lee speak with Mark Shuttleworth during Eating Disorder Awareness Week below.

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