Every Sunday morning at 7, Mark Shuttleworth talks with local men and women about organizations they operate to benefit our community.


Veterans Outreach Center 7-4-21

Mark Shuttleworth spoke with Laura Stradley, the Executive Director of the Veterans Outreach Center in Rochester.  They spoke about new programs that are in place at the VOC including a large renovation project at Richard’s House.  The

Dream Factory of Rochester 6-27-21

Mark Shuttleworth spoke with Laura Walitsky of the Dream Factory of Rochester.  The Dream Factory of Rochester is a local chapter of a national organization that fulfills dreams for children diagnosed with critical or chronic illnesses.  After

Rochester Cycling Alliance 6-20-21

Mark Shuttleworth spoke with Jesse Peers of Rochester Cycling Alliance, a partner with Reconnect Rochester.  They spoke about the value that comes from cycling and the many ways that Rochester lends itself to this mode of transport. 

Alcoholics Anonymous 6-13-21

Mark Shuttleworth spoke with Jan, a member of the Rochester chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Jan told her story of a life that spun out of control because of an addiction to alcohol.  Jan was a successful and

One Soldier at a Time 5-30-21

Mark Shuttleworth spoke with Lauren Coe, the founder of One Soldier at a Time, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to our men and women serving our country, past, present, and future, including their families.  Lauren said