Chuck Kelley

6a - 10a

Raised in Oklahoma (no, I didn’t ride a horse to school).  Graduated from Univ. of Texas at Austin with an Advertising/Marketing degree (but still an Oklahoma Sooners fan).  Started radio while in high school when I was 16 because it sounded like a fun thing to do (didn’t realize that I’d be doing it full time for nearly 30 years).  Lucky enough to have been on the air in some of the biggest markets in the country (Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego).  Lived to talk about it (it was dangerously fun).  My wife is still trying to tame me (I’m still being resistant).  Two great kids (Paige and Ethan).  Love being back on the air at LEGENDS 102.7 (because it really is a fun thing to do).

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