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Wise Home Energy has been making Rochester homes more comfortable since 2010. They’ve helped countless homeowners achieve their dreams of reducing energy bills and enhancing home comfort. Whether you’re always cold in your home in the winter, too warm in the summer, or you’re tired of dealing with ice dams every year, Wise Home Energy has the solution you need.

They take the guesswork out of solving these issues with their home energy assessments. This allows them to expertly diagnose and accurately determine the underlying causes of problems like cold drafts, ice dams, high energy bills, indoor air quality issues, and more. The best part is, these energy assessments are FREE!

Problems Wise Home Energy Can Solve:


Wise Home Energy will then tailor a solution with the right combination of insulation, air sealing, and HVAC upgrades to solve your home comfort issues for good. There are grants and rebates available for everyone, including renters, and Wise Home Energy will make sure you receive everything you qualify for.

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"I contacted Wise Home Energy as our home was extremely cold and drafty. Kirk came and did a thorough home energy test and explained where we were losing heat and steps we needed to do to fix this. Wise helped me apply for a NYSERDA grant. The workers who came to do the work were courteous and efficient. They cleaned up after and the house is now warm."
- Mary T
"Wise installed some insulation for me. They were professional, timely and answered all my questions happily. I highly recommend them. When they did the original testing of my home, to see where I was loosing heat, they shared many ways In which I could limit heat loss and improve my heat retention. Really, can’t recommend them enough!"
- June B
"Wise Home Energy is excellent. They completed an Energy Audit and recommended fixing some gas leaks, insulation in the walls and air sealing. The crew was very professional, detailed, and efficient. I would highly recommend using them. I am already noticing a warm and quiet home."
- John S