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We don't want to say that we're responsible for you making it through your workday...but let's face it, Legends 102.7 does make work a lot more fun.  Maggie Strickland is right by your side from 10am to 3pm playing the biggest hits of all time and testing your smarts with her Impossible Question.  Every weekday at noon Maggie poses an "almost" Impossible Question and gives you the opportunity to win some fun prizes.

If you missed the question or the answer to one of Maggie's recent Impossible Questions, you will find the answer below.

10/17 This activity has declinded by 89% since the 1925's...

Q: This activity has declined by 89% since the 1950's. What is it?
A: Taking a bath!

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10/17/2012 3:06PM
10/17 This activity has declinded by 89% since the 1925's...
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10/19/2012 9:11PM
Maggie's Impossible Question
On Friday, 10-12-12 there was a question about vegetables. I was wondering why it was never updated on the computer because I'm still trying to find out the answer. I travel around in my car and when I got back the question was over. Can you update your questions?
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