Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester 3/12/23

Ed Smith spoke with Holly Anderson, Executive Director and Meredith Utman, Director of Special Events for the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester.
-Holly talked about how the organization provides education and advocacy for free to folks dealing with cancer.
-Holly is a cancer survivor and spoke to the history of the organization, she started the organization with a few others that wished they had a support organization like this to assist them when they were first diagnosed with cancer.
-She talked about the variety of services they provide to people with cancer and their families
-They are celebrating their 25 anniversary this year. Holly talked about how the goal was to have a cure for cancer by this point but they will continue to support research efforts for a cure.
-Their organization is also focused on prevention, understanding what is causing cancer and providing that information to people.
-Meredith talked about her experience of being diagnosed with cancer as a teenager and how her parents brought her to the Breast Cancer Coalition. She was so impressed by her experience with them that she started to volunteer, and eventually became an employee.
-Meredith spoke about the upcoming Pink and Teal Challenge-5K event they are having to connect with the community, celebrate life with fellow cancer survivors and fundraise so they can continue to offer their services at no cost.
-She talked about the different ways folks can participate with the event and that they are still looking for volunteers.

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