Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women 3/26/23

Ed Smith interviewed Dr. Sherylanne Diodato, the new principal of Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women.
-She talked about her experience going to Our Lady of Mercy as a student and how it gave her the skills to be in the leadership role she is in now
-She talk about the COVID pandemic and the challenges it created with education
-They are focused on the values and traditions of Our Sisters of Mercy and be able to teach young women empowerment and leadership skills
-They are also aware of the mental health challenges and adolescent needs so they have a wellness center available where women can go and reset before returning to class
-Sherylanne said they want to provide an encouraging and comfortable atmosphere for young women to develop and feel like they can ask questions and learn without other distractions
-Part of the curriculum includes giving back to the community and they do various community services projections to support the efforts of local non-profits like Foodlink and the House of Mercy Homeless shelter