Greece Athena High School 1/28/24

Chuck Kelley spoke with Kathy Dyer, a music teacher and advisor for the theatre program at Greece Athena High School. This year they are performing Grease the Musical.
-Kathy talked about how she has been involved with the musical productions in the district for 15 years
-Kathy said that she has many favorite shows but for her, more than the actual show it is the memories of working with great students and seeing them be successful that gives her passion and drive to continue growing the program.
-Kathy explained the planning process for selecting a show and coordinating with the other schools in the district
-She talked about the incredible support from teachers, administration and family members and how that is critical to the success of the program at Greece Athena.
-Kathy said that students learn critical life skills while being a part of a production and she feels that it is important to give them the opportunity to be on stage to build up confidence. She also talked about students being supported by their fellow students and how helpful that is for them.
-She talked about some of the off stage opportunities for students as well.
-They have had students from the Greece Athena Theatre program go on to jobs on Broadway and be a part of traveling shows.
-They have a strong volunteer base but if someone in the community is interested in getting involved they can contact the high school.
-Kathy said they are fortunate that they have ongoing support from a handful of businesses in the community which helps cover the costs of putting on a production.
-She said the school and theatre program require students to select a charity each year to support with proceeds from the shows. This year they are focusing on local cancer support groups because Olivia Newton John from the Grease movie died from Cancer.
-Kathy explained how much tickets are and where people can get them.