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We plan vacations, weddings, and our daily schedules. But what about planning for your family’s future? Make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected, and protect your assets and loved ones with an estate plan from Weinstein and Randisi, Your Family’s Law Firm. 

Regardless of your age or income, it’s important to have an estate plan to make things easier for the people you love during a time of grief. Without it, your family could be susceptible to costly court fees and legal battles.

Weinstein and Randisi has been dedicated to all aspects of estate planning for the past thirty years. They are compassionate, experienced, and approachable lawyers who will help you craft a personalized estate plan that fits your needs and honors your wishes. 

Their offices are located at 290 Linden Oaks, suite 200.
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Weinstein and Randisi Family Law

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Weinstein and Randisi Family Law

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